By Alice Meets Louise Roe

We had the pleasure of speaking to the wonderful fashion journalist and broadcaster Louise Roe. Louise writes for the Telegraph and has just returned to the UK after a decade in LA, hosting TV shows.
Louise shares her exquisite home renovation and interior inspiration through her @Louiseroehome Instagram, so we were so thrilled to have a chat with her...



Name: Louise Roe

Job Title/ Description: Fashion Journalist & Broadcaster

How do you manage with having so much going on! You’re heavily pregnant, moving house, already a parent and still always sourcing and sharing inspiration! What’s your secret?

Ha! It does seem very cliche that we are moving and renovating when I'm about to have a baby. I definitely don't have a secret, but I do try to be organised and plan ahead as much as possible. I love decorating so much that planning out the new house in advance was a lot of fun, rather than a headache. 

Do you feel that since moving back to the UK from the US your taste in interiors has changed? Do you think that it’s important to be able to adapt ones taste to suit ones environment?

Yes absolutely. I have always loved antiques and the very layered, lived-in feel that an English design aesthetic lends itself to, but living in LA the homes were more modern, and bright, so slightly different decor can look better. I do miss that beautiful daily light, I took it for granted! 

We have noticed that you tend to always share handmade items or antiques, do you think that it’s important to purchase pieces that have longevity and are timeless, over products that are in fashion at the moment and mass produced?

The best part of starting my home feed (@LouiseRoeHome) was that it's just full of rooms and items I love. It's not based on any kind of trends or projects I'm working on, so there's zero influence other than what I'm drawn to. It turns out there really is predominantly antique and handmade bits and bobs! 

Do you find the pressures of having such a large Instagram following makes you have to constantly have your finger on the pulse with trends, how are you able to know what is something that is lasting and not a fad?

Not really, my background is magazines and it was definitely part of the job then, to know exactly what and who was about to be huge. But things have changed now anyway - for the better - whether it's fashion or interiors, the more unique a piece, the better. I love finding brands that are just doing their own thing, blissfully unaware of what might be 'trending'.

It must have been really hard to leave behind the amazing home that you decorated so beautifully, after only having lived in it for a short period of time. Did you learn a lot from that renovation and what are you taking away from it?

It wasn't part of the plan to leave our country home so quickly and move to London, but things fell into place fast and it was definitely the right decision for us as a family. So I'm really excited about this new chapter. My husband and I definitely learned a lot from the renovation - more on the practical side - so this time around we really studied where we might need plug sockets, light switches, laundry cupboards, toy storage (I really like toys to be gone by the evening, it clears my head and everybody needs adult time!). Sounds boring, but knowing how we live and function as a family and what we need on a daily basis, has been integrated better this time into the plans. I also learned that curtains can be lengthened, as well as shortened, to be reused, and i'm having a lot of fun reupholstering items for a new lease of life. I think the house will have a similar taste but simultaneously, look very different. 

Who and what do you look to for inspiration?

Old design books - I buy them on Etsy and eBay, I love the House & Garden hardbacks from the '80's and '90's in particular. 

What is your favourite By Alice Product?

I just got a huge mustard and rust-coloured marbled obelisk candle and cannot wait to put it on the mantle in our new house. 

What are you working on next?

I'm launching my own interiors company in the Summer, I've been working on it for 18 months and am just itching to share more details!

We are so excited for Louise to reveal more about her new venture!